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Can Antibacterial Wipes Be Used on Hard Surfaces


Antibacterial Wipes are a special kind of towelette that is pre-moisturized to clean hard surfaces. Most disinfectant wipes include a germicidal UV light active ingredient. The UV light kills the microorganisms in contact with the ultraviolet light spectrum and cleans the surface, but does not kill the organismThe microorganisms are killed by using a specially designed pad or wipe to wipe down all exposed surfaces, and a specially designed storage container for the cleaned surfaces.

These products are typically approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and can be found in many public areas as well as beauty supply stores. Many of these wipes come in dispensers where you have to physically touch the individual wipe that is moistened with all of the wipes that come in that container. 

Antibacterial wipes are very useful in the fight against covid-19. Today anti-bacterial wipes are very popular and are marketed under numerous different names. Antibacterial wipes can be purchased by so many brand names, but the one we want to discuss today is Pipwipe. This is the only individually wrapped, biodegradable antibacterial wipe on the market that comes with a handle. You can definitely eliminate the ick while protecting yourself from germs with this wipe.  As the name suggests, this antibacterial wipe is ideal for cleaning the surface of public toilet seats, shopping carts, handle railings, and more. PipiWipe is also FDA and EPA approved. Antibacterial Wipes are effective against viruses, germs and bacteria. Pipi Wipes is FDA and EPA approved.


Antibacterial wipes are the most effective way to disinfect high touch surfaces in public. When you are using public restrooms, shopping carts, transportation and other situations, it is important to have something that you can use to clean the area that you are using. The problem with highly contagious germs and viruses is that they easily linger on high touch surfaces. PipiWipes is a great way to protect you and your loved ones while going about your daily activities. 


Since the development of the first disinfectant wipes, medical professionals have made considerable progress toward safer environments for their patients. Disinfecting the hands and feet of patients and ensuring that all surfaces are well-cleaned before using surgical tools are important to decreasing the risks of contact with harmful bacteria and preventing the transmission of disease. However, while Alcohol based sanitizing wipes can effectively eliminate most forms of infection, some forms of illness such as Covid-19, influenza, herpes, shingles, and hepatitis can still persist on high touch public surfaces.  This is why it is important to equip yourself with a sanitizing wipe that does not dry your hand out or potentially expose you to the very germs that you want to avoid. PipiWipes are individually wrapped with handles. 


To meet the challenge of combating the latest forms of food-borne illness, many healthcare and retail spaces are now utilizing alcohol based sanitizing wipes as well as other forms of disinfection. Because the latest strains of influenza virus have shown up recently and are now centered primarily in younger adults, a high level of concern has been raised regarding the possibility of a widespread pandemic of influenza. Health officials are concerned about Covid-19 and future contagion that can spread through the public. Because of this issue, a greater focus has been placed on educating the public about how to improve hygiene and protect against catching Covid-19 and any other virus, bacteria and germs.


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