Antibacterial Wipes: An Individually Wrapped Innovation |

Antibacterial Wipes: An Individually Wrapped Innovation 

Loose Antibacterial wipes were the standard product line for hospitals and germaphobes for many years. They have come a long way since that time, however, and now come in handy in more ways than one. While doctors originally prescribed these wipes as a way to use for hands on contact with a patient, the wipes have become more than just disinfectant. The Antibacterial wipe works on all types of surfaces, and there are special products available for hospitals that have this disinfecting capability along with other capabilities.

The founder of PipiWipes has taken this idea a step further and applied innovation and made the antibacterial wipe product both individually wrapped with a handle. 

PipWipes, is the new line of antibacterial wipes that is disposable, individually wrapped, and has a handle. The PipiWipe has a potent 70% alcohol content and is able to kill 99% of viruses and germs on contact. This disposable product performs a very important role. Doctor recommended and invented for parents by parents, PipiWipe is a biodegradable antimicrobial cleaning wipe attached to a convenient handle and individually packaged making it perfect for sanitizing anything your hands or body might touch while on the go. 

Your hands are not the primary focus of this disposable Antibacterial Wipe innovation. Its focus are the surfaces that you come in contact with so that you can fully avoid the ick. When you are about to leave the house you want to make sure that you have hand sanitizer, wallet, keys, your mask, and now Pipi Wipes. Drop a few individually wrapped wipes into your backpack or purse. This is how you stay prepared for using public toilets, shopping carts, counters, and railing in public. The entire purpose of Pipi Wipes is to avoid the need or reduce the use of hand sanitizer to save your hands from drying out and contact with unwanted germs and viruses. 

There are many reasons why this innovation is the newest addition to your routine that you did not know that you needed. Here are five reasons why you need this antibacterial wipe innovation: 


  1. PipWipes are easy to unwrap and clean the surface you need to clean at home or on the go.
  2. The individually wrapped alcohol wipe with a handle eliminates the need to get close to any unwanted germs, viruses, and bacteria.
  3. You will save time. When you clean a surface with PipiWipes you reduce the time that businesses have to use cleaning and the amount of cleaning supplies that they have to use and this is good for your and their bottom line. 
  4. You will save money. When you order PipiWipes in bulk you definitely save money and time. In the age of social distancing you want to reduce the number of trips you have to make the store. 
  5. You will save the environment. PipiWipes are Biodegradable and THIS is something to be excited about. Earth Day is coming up and we definitely want to be mindful and care for the environment. 


When Antibacterial wipes are used in combination with disinfecting solutions, such as those manufactured by bioengineers working at Sandia Labs, the results can be spectacular. It has been proven time again that Antibacterial wipes when used in conjunction with disinfectants not only work exceptionally well, but they can also reduce the amount of time needed for complete disinfection of a commercial or medical facility. By reducing the time needed, the level of contamination will be reduced, thus lowering the cost to clean. Companies and individuals should stock up on Pipi Wipes and work together to apply this personal hygiene innovation for the protection of the public.

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